Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We are so convinced that you will love our services, if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason,

you can get a refund within 15 days after purchasing

Additional Services

Please note that any additional service, custom work, or technical support is non-refundable as our time cannot be recovered.

Send us a message

If you wish to contact us regarding any matter related to this Refund Policy, you can do so through the contact form, send a

email to or contact us via chat.

Time estimated

The refund return time begins after 24 business hours of processing and may take 48 hours or more.

depending on the return of the system.


For payments taken from a bank account or PayPal balance, the money will be refunded to the customer's balance. Refunds will generally be completed in

a period of 3 to 5 days or up to 30 depending on the bank, but they can appear instantly as 'Pending' in the bank account or PayPal of your