Get started in fitness and adopt healthy habits

This 6-week program that includes workouts routines and meal plan is the one for women who want to start exercising and eating healthy. It will help you make a habit being physically active in your day-to-day life and replace your eating habits to look and feel better than ever.

The routine can be done from home and requires no equipment. It consists of circuits that include cardio and resistance exercises with own body weight where all the muscles will be worked to strengthen and tone. Each workout is a circuit that lasts 32 min and is divided into three phases, each lasting 2 weeks and with a greater degree of difficulty as you progress and improve. All exercises are explained with step-by-step instruction and video demonstration.

In addition, this program includes a food guide where I specify all your meals throughout the day with a variety of recipes in each of them, so that you choose what to eat according to your taste or what is most practical for you. All the recipes are super quick and easy to prepare.

You can choose which meal plan you want in your program depending on your type of diet: meat, vegetarian or vegan. Remember that a healthy diet is a very important pillar for obtaining results both in physical changes and in the performance of physical activity, health, and well-being in general.

Once you have paid for your challenge, you will receive an email with your license so that you can enter your portal here on the website and that's it! you will have all the information to start your challenge.

What are you waiting for?