Extreme legs and booty growth

This 8 week program is perfect for women looking to increase their booty and legs. They also seek to show off a feminine and toned upper body (arms, back, abs). With this eating plan and exercise routines you will have the tools to achieve your dream body, you only need to put your effort and discipline.

The workouts are designed to be done in the gym, legs and booty will be trained very strong 4 times a week, since it will be divided into its different muscles that make them up. This is to achieve greater focus in each workout and thus develop strong and voluminous legs through hypertrophy (muscle growth). Many basic and resistance exercises are included to gain strenght and volume. 

Cheyenne Gonz will share with you the exercises that have helped her develop her lower body plus the variants and favorite training techniques as the workouts advance to continue improving, demanding yourself in each routine and keep growing your legs and booty. 

You will also train your upper body twice a week, with resistance exercises to achieve a lean and defined look. All exercises are explained with step-by-step instruction and video demonstration.

These workouts, to achieve the best results, is accompanied by a meal plan with the portions and recipes that Cheyenne Gonz indicates to you in each of your 5 meals throughout the day. Variety of recipes in each of them so that you choose what to eat according to your taste or what is most practical for you. All the recipes are super quick and easy to prepare.

 You can choose which meal plan you want in your program depending on your type of diet: meat, vegetarian or vegan. Remember that a healthy diet is a very important pillar for obtaining results both in physical changes and in the performance of physical activity, health, and well-being in general. 

Once you have paid for your challenge, you will receive an email where you will be given a username and password to enter your portal here on the cheyennegonz.com website and that's it! you will have all the information to start your challenge. 

 What are you waiting for?