Cheyenne Gonzalez

My name is Cheyenne González and I am here with the purpose of sharing habits that provide us with physical changes, emotional well-being and health. At first it was a challenge to decide, take the first step and make the change, but in the end, it became my lifestyle.

I started exercising because I was not happy with my body. I had already overcome anorexia, I was a little overweight and I felt like that would make me relapse at any moment. Until I saw a “Fitness” body and thought “I want to look like this”.

The first thing I did was join the gym, it was frustrating to exercise a lot without getting the results I want it. Then I understood the importance of having a well-structured training plan, focused on the muscles that you want to work, as well as that they are progressive so that they continue to challenge you in each routine.

In addition, combining this training plan with a healthy diet, including enough protein to allow the muscle to develop, along with carbohydrates and moderate fats for energy. This is the perfect combination for obtaining results in both physical changes and performance in exercise routines.

I position you on the right path to achieve your goals, giving you the necessary tools. You just have to decide, take the first step and make the change by being constant and giving your best effort. I know that this process of creating habits takes time and is something very complicated at first, since it requires discipline and sacrifice.

But giving yourself this moment of physical activity will make you feel better the rest of the day; you will feel stronger, more confident, optimistic, with the energy to face any challenge and achieve your own goals.

I am very happy that you trust me and we can share these healthy eating and exercise habits. I'm sure this will transform your body, but also your mood in a positive way. My goal is also to make you feel happy and confident so that you can achieve your own goals.

I want all of us to be successful not only in fitness, but also in all aspects of life. And remember that having a healthy lifestyle will bring you happiness, empowerment and motivation to do whatever you set your mind to!