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Get started in fitness and adopt healthy habits

This 6-week program that includes workouts routines and meal plan is the one for women who want to start exercising and eating healthy. It will help you make a habit being physically active in your day-to-day life and replace your eating habits to look and feel better than ever.


Build your booty and get toned at home

This 8-week program is suitable for women who want to have a quick but effective training by combining anaerobic and aerobic activity (weights and cardio). It is composed by circuits with the goal of building muscle and burning fat at the same time to achieve a toned look focused on the legs and booty, without omitting upper body and abs.


Extreme legs and booty growth

This 8-week program is perfect for women that want to grow their legs and booty. They also seek to show off a feminine and toned upper body (arms, back, abs). With these workouts and meal plan you will have the tools to achieve your dream body, you only need to put in your effort and discipline.

About Cheyennegonz

My name is Cheyenne González and I am here with the purpose of sharing habits that provide us with physical changes, emotional well-being and health. At first it was a challenge to decide, take the first step and make the change, but in the end, it became my lifestyle.
I started exercising because I was not happy with my body. I had already overcome anorexia, I was a little overweight and I felt like that would make me relapse at any moment. Until I saw a “Fitness” body and thought “I want to look like this”.


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Thank you very much I really admire your routines very much and your motivation more than anything

Liz M.

Volume in gym

Thanks ... I'm seeing a lot of results I love upper body too

Gaby R.

Weights at home

I loved it and that I am just trying, we will see in the month

Lorraine V.

Volume in gym, Volume in gym II

If they are all very kind and if my sister recommended it to me, her body has changed a lot. They have a very good team of staff, they are all very friendly.

Elijah R.

Volume in gym

Siiiii sisisisisii, don't let it go, I'm sooo happy with the progress I'm feeling and I'm starting

Myrna Z.

Weights at home, Volume in gym II